Tabula Rasa

by Sirens Chant

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released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Sirens Chant Pécs, Hungary

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Track Name: Losing Ground
Sleeping. Not dreaming,
Just wasting away.
Losing hours.
Stealing time.
How it hurts to be wide awake.
Feeling uneasy.
Cold running up on your back 'till it finally reaches the neck.
The length of a moment now feels like a lifetime in hell.
Eyes burning.
Staring at a big screen reading your own thoughts that you can't keep in your own head.
And you're reading someone elses thoughts too.
And you notice something.
The main character is the same... yeah, it's not you.
It swallowed you whole and you didn't even notice it.
Cold sweat is running down from the neck to your back.
(Sitting there for hours.)
What did I want from life?!
What hopes I have?!
Could death give me back my freedom? Probably.
So if you want to threaten me, threaten me with life.
Track Name: Falling Constellation
Worlds change their place.
The great day of his wrath.
Deep ones awake.
Life begins to sink.

I never wanted to come even to think it could be.

Words in my head:
The constellation came true.
Stars blast into the ground.
You never knew how many times I said no...

To shallow illusions, glass hands and crowded gallows.
As you look back: awe and dismay.
Death sways silently.

All comes down, straight from heaven and hell.
Heavy and soft green flames
Burning mankind endlessly.
Pushing the knife deep.

There's nowhere to run. The devil knows
Where we are.

Everywhere I run earth vanishes behind me.
I never wanted this.
I never believed.
Track Name: Monochrome
I can't see the light.
There are no more blue skies.
I can't hear the sound of my own voice.
Colors fade away from my memories.
And I feel like everything is lost.
I'm giving myself into insanity.
And soon the real me, I'm afraid that it will fade slowly...

I'm so sorry, I am passing away.
I'm so sorry, I won't see you again.

No one will answer to my scream,
There's no echo of my calling,
To save me from dreams.
I see a rainbow with the shades of grey.

I will confess now.

[Inaudible chatter.]

And I'll pray.

I am sorry, I just wanted to be more.
Please give me back the light of the stars,
The depth of black.
I want to hear again the song of night,
The sound of dawn,
And the whispers of life.

You will see me there with the stars, yes, you will see me there.
I will shine on the ship of God.
And I'll be there with the ocean of clouds.

Closing your heart is the greatest mistake,
Turning cold, letting it slip away.
Track Name: Enigma
This is my blunt referral to an argument that never stopped:
Were we created or were we born?
Are we enjoying life?

Are we sleeping?
Are we dreaming?
Is this real or not?
Or are we expiating?

Taking the first steps like a newborn this race is playing to survive.
Playing to learn, learning to kill.
And now we drown
In questions we ask,
Holding onto our superiority.

Places crumbling: what've we built?
Hand in hand we breathe.
Following a paradigm:
The only one we know.

In life we struggle,
In death we ascend to enlightenment.
Hand in hand we breathe.
We are complete: we are enlightened.

Hand in hand we breathe.
We walk the same old streets.
We are complete:

We lost the key to understanding.
And maybe it's better this way:
Some things are meant to be secret,
So we have to hide it in our hearts.
Who are we?
Who are we to tell?
To tell...
Track Name: Ascension
Whispers in the morning,
Just a hush in the air.
As water drops are drying up,
I'm staying in place,
Watching you fading in,
Breaking the sun with your hair.

The heavens are waiting with arms wide open.
Please be true! Don't let me go!

I am not ready to say goodbye.
Not to you! Not like this!

Wanna stay an hour more... Or forever.

For so long it was haunting me.
But now the winds of past aren't blowing anymore.

Wanting something rough,
Still playing smooth.
Paying the toll.

Making me watch my castle fall.
I am not a king anymore.

You the mirage: the one that surrounds herself with the scent of death,
That stings and bites.

And before I know I'll bleed.
I know I'll bleed.
I know I'll bleed.

Standing in the middle of choking flames.
It's cold.
I'm afraid of dying before I wake.

Standing in the middle of choking flames.
I'm afraid of dying before I wake.

Will we see the sunrise one more time?!
Will you whisper in my ears that the night is over one more time.
Will whisper one more time?

Making me watch my castle fall.
I am not a king anymore.

I lost... I lost everything I have.
I lost it all to you.

You pushed the limits so far I can't even see myself.
I don't know what I'm doing.
What's wrong or what's right... I don't know anything about it anymore.
I don't know where you stand or where I stand.
What's the meaning of this to you?
I just don't know it anymore... I feel like I never knew it.
And you made me... You made me forget everything I was.
I forgot it all!
I lost myself to you!
I lost everything I loved!
What you were, what I was next to you.
I can't see it anymore...
No future for me, no future for you!
No... I have to say goodbye to all of this!
And now... and now I'm saying goodbye, so:
Good fucking bye!